CCUN Conference 2017

April 24-25 in Seattle Washington

Ray Bakke

Ray Bakke is a gifted teacher, author and leader in the area of urban ministry. He is the founder of International Urban Associates.

Albert Lee

Albert is the Senior Pastor of Regeneration Church in Oakland California where he lives with his wife and four daughters.

Sébastian Frappier

Sébastien is the founding pastor of Calvary Chapel Regeneration in one of Canada’s largest cities; Montreal.

Justin Thomas

Justin is a pastor at Calvary: the Hill in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle Washington where he lives with his wife and 5 kids. He is also the founder of the CCUN.

Why Gather?

Pastoring in urban areas is different. Those differences can make you feel alone and ill equiped. CCUN exists to connect urban Calvary Chapels with one another for encouragement and support.

What to Expect

Sessions from pastors like you on the facets of Urban Ministry followed by roundtable discussions with other pastors about how it does/could work in your church.