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For seven weeks our Church will be going through a series on Sex and Gender. Because of the importance of these issues, we will be repeating the sermon every Sunday night and leaving room for a Q&A. (Our normal Sunday night Through-the-Bible service will be on hold until 11/12)

Who We Are


Doing everything in response to God doing everything we need in Jesus


Making sure all comers feel Expected, Accepted, and Respected


Devoting our whole lives to living out our whole identity in Jesus


Actively loving beyond our borders

Current Sermon Series:

What is Sex and Gender really about and how do we make sense of the Bible’s Sexual Ethic? This Sermon series seeks to go underneath the issues and explain the “why” behind a sexual ethic. In doing so we will discover that Gender and Sex are at the heart of humans as created in the Image of God and designed to show us who God is.

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